Nature reserves

Sand Steppes of Hajós

Area: 188 ha

Legal declaration by Decree No. 25/1998. KTM

Biogeographic region: Sand Ridge

As we move southwards along the Ridge of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve, less and less protected areas can be found. Nevertheless, the sand region of Illancs is located here and is featured by diverse topography and the highest point of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve, namely the 174 m high Ólom Hill, can also be found here.

The reserve is located east of Hajós and is characterized gentle slopes and flat hills instead of steep sand dunes. Unlike steep slopes, which are covered by open sand steppe, this area is mostly dominated by closed sand steppe. Grasslands are covered by flowers from early spring. Crocus reticulatus, Green-winged Orchid and the purple-black flowered Pulsatilla nigricans are the first to bloom in February and early March. They are followed by Dyer’s Alkanet and the locally common Sand Iris, while Colchicum arenarium forms a lilac carpet in early September. Diggings of Wild Bores and the characteristic footprints of Red Deer are commonly encountered in the soft sand of grasslands. The entire area is freely accessible but it is not easy to approach it as it lies far from main roads.