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Fülöpháza Sand dunes, Dune (Garmada) Study Trail

The Fülöpháza Sand Dunes core area of the Kiskunság National Park is located in the middle of a sandy region, which, with its 7400 km2 area, is one the largest of its kind in Central Europe.

The main natural attraction of the region around Fülöpháza and Kerekegyháza is the sand dune range covered by open sand steppe and some wind-blown, shifting sand dunes. The main plant communities include dry grasslands on sand and Juniper-Poplar groves.

The area can be accessed from the direction of the Naprózsa House. A forest sports trail starts at the parking lot of the visitor centre. The Dyer’s Alkanet Study Trail follows the sports trail in part. For longer walks, we recommend visiting the Sand Dune Study Trail, which is located in the northern part of the area but also starts at the parking lot.

Length: 8500 m

How to approach: The trailhead is in the parking lot of the Naprózsa Visitor Centre, located at km 20 of Route 52. GPS: N46°52’05.9” E19°25’33.1”

Accessible on foot, throughout the year.

Recommended period: throughout the year, on foot. In summer time, we recommend the early morning and late afternoon hours because of the high temperatures.

Recommended gear: comfortable but closed clothing, a glass of water and, in summer, a hat.

Language: HU, EN

This 8.5 km long study trail starts at the Naprózsa Forest School and has two alternative endings, one at the Somodi Farm and the other one in the centre of Fülöpháza. Choose the right hand side route after Information Stop 4 for Fülöpháza or the left hand side route for the Somodi Farm.

The Garmada Study Trail has 14 information signs describing the current natural values, the unique flora and the associated fauna, and how people have transformed the landscape in this core area of the National Park.