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Reconstructed village from the Árpád Era, Tiszaalpár

Tiszaalpár and its surroundings have been populated since the Bronze Age, which is evidenced by a variety of archeological sites and artefacts.  The reconstructed village was built in Tiszaalpár in 2000, and illustrates how settlements looked like at the time of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin according to the findings of local archaeological studies. This small open-air exhibition is more densely packed than original settlements may have been, since such buildings used to scatter in an area of 4-6 ha.

This reconstructed village features the traditional buildings of everyday life and animal husbandry. Visitors can find a pithouse with a minimalist interior partly built below ground surface, an outdoor oven, stick-woven corrals, a well with a lining made of sticks and cereal-storing pits.

Address: Szent István Street 1, Tiszaalpár 6060