Study trails

Pálmonostora (Lake Péteri), Grebe Study Trail

This 781-ha area has been protected since 1976. Originally, it was a natural soda lake, which was transformed into a fishpond in the 20th century. The area of the ponds is approx. 220 ha. The ponds are surrounded by characteristic saline vegetation types, including saline swamps, saline meadows, playas with no or sparse vegetation, saline steppes and, to a lesser extent, fen vegetation. The reed beds and lakeshore saline habitats are inhabited by aquatic birds and shorebirds. One of the reed beds hosts a remarkable heron colony. The pond system is an important stop-over site for migrating birds in spring and autumn.

Length: 3500 m

Language: Hungarian

The trail is marked with white arrow.

Accessible on foot, throughout the year.

Recommended gear: clothing according to the weather conditions and a pair of binoculars

How to approach: The trailhead is near the bridge of the Dong-ér, located at km 127 of Route E75 (aka. Route 5); the trail goes towards west. The first information sign is in the courtyard of the nearby old school building.

GPS: N46°35’43.57” E19°55’16.65”