Nature reserves

Hay Meadows and Loess Banks of Hajós

Area: 121 ha

Legal declaration by Decree No. 2/1990. KöM

Biogeographic region: Turján-vidék

As the name of the reserve indicates, it is close to the village of Hajós, which is rather famous of its wines and wine cellars. South of the Red Swamp, at the foot of the loess bank, seeping groundwater supplies tall sedge meadows, swamp meadows, wet hay meadows, fen meadows and reed beds. Typical plants of the formerly water-logged areas include Orchis palustris, Siberian Iris, Blue Iris, Large Pink and Marsh Gentian. European Bee-eaters are among the most colourful dwellers of the reserve; they carve their nest holes in steep loess banks. Unlike other lowland landscapes, this freely accessible reserve has an outstandingly diverse topography with a picturesque landscape architecture.