Study trails

Császártöltés, Red Swamp Study Trail

Length: 2500 m

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

How to approach: The trailhead is located at km 68 of Route 54, at the former Csala Restaurant of Császártöltés-Kiscsala. (GPS: N46°27’31.32” E19°11’32.27”)

The trail has 6 information signs in Hungarian language.

Recommended period: throughout the year

Recommended gear: watertight footwear, a pair of binoculars and insect repellent

Language: HU

On this 2.5 km long trail, visitors can learn about the characteristic ecosystems of peaty swamps and the birdlife of loess walls. Information signs describe the evolution of the swamp, the amphibians and reptiles of the area that depend on the insect fauna, the birds and fish of reed beds and peat pits, and the remaining bird fauna of loess walls.

The swamp can be dangerous for those unfamiliar with it; therefore, please do not leave trail or hire an expert guide.