Study trails

Apaj, Duck Study Trail

Length: 1100 m

How to approach: The trail is east of Apaj, and can be accessed from the road heading for the road connecting Bugyi and Kunpeszér. Follow the red stripe hiking trail and then the red cross trail; it will lead you to the study trail.

GPS: N47°07’5.944” E19°06’39.316” WGS: N47.1183178 E19.11092115

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

Recommended period: in spring, early summer and autumn, when large numbers of birds can be found in the wetlands.

Language: HU, EN

The largest saline area of the Kiskunság National Park, the Upper Kiskunság Steppe, is located near Kunszentmiklós. Wetlands host large masses of birds during migration. This 1-km long study trail goes along a wetland created from a former fishpond. Visitors can learn here about the breeding birds of reed beds and saline habitats and other wildlife of saline steppes. There is a high-stand at both trailheads, offering great view on the puszta.

An outstanding faunistic value of the area is the Great Bustard; one of its largest Hungarian populations lives here. Saline grasslands are still managed by traditional Hungarian livestock breeds in an extensive way. One of the largest Grey Cattle populations of the Great Hungarian Plain is kept here; some herds of them can also be seen from the trail.