Study trails

Izsák, Bikatorok Study Trail

Length: 3000 m

How to approach: The western side of Lake Kolon can be reached via the yellow stripe hiking trail. The hiking trail follows dirt roads and then reaches the study trail. If coming from Soltszentimre, leave the tarmac road for a gravel road at the gas station and then choose the first dirt road to the right and follow it until its end, and turn left there. You will reach a bunch of farms, where you should choose the first right and follow the yellow stripe hiking trail until the Big Water. You can park your car here. GPS: N46.763372 E19.331796

Language: HU

This 3 km long study trail is dedicated to a unique phenomenon in Lake Kolon, namely the immediate transition between a fenland and a dry sand dune range. The high-stand on one of the highest points of the area, the Bikatorok Hill, offers a great view on the landscape. The trail also enters a large habitat reconstruction area, the Big Water, where a large open water surface can be found. The trail also provides information about historical landscapes, landscape transformations and the wildlife of the sandy and fen habitats. The area has its own beauties in every season; therefore, we recommend returning in different parts of the year.