Proctected areas

Nature reserves

Nature reserves are small but confluent areas that are rich in threatened natural habitats of the country. The primary goal of nature reserves is to protect one or more natural values or the complex system of these values. The declaration procedure of nature reserves and the activities allowed in them are specified in Act No. LIII of 1996 on the Protection of Nature.

There are two types of nature reserves in Hungary: nature reserves of national and local importance. Nature reserves of national importance are declared protected in a decree by the minister responsible for nature conservation affairs, and the national park directorate of the region is responsible for their management.

Nature Reserves managed by the Kiskunság National Park Directorate:

  • The Habitat of the Grecian Foxglove near Bácsalmás
  • The Mole-rat Reserve of Baja
  • Csongrádi Kónya-szék
  • Red Swamp of Császártöltés
  • Geological Site of Csólyospálos
  • Seven Valleys of Érsekhalma
  • Sand Steppes of Hajós
  • Hay Meadows and Loess Banks of Hajós
  • Kalmár Forest
  • Kéleshalom Sand Dunes
  • Kiskőrös Swamp
  • Fejetéki Swamp of Kiskunhalas
  • Rattlesnake Fern Forest of Kunfehértó
  • Szalag Forest of Kunpeszér
  • Madarasi Marhajárás
  • Lake Péteri
  • Pusztaszeri Fülöp-szék
  • Monument of the Seven Chieftains in Pusztaszer
  • Pirtó Sand Dunes
  • Lake Szelidi