Study trails

Kecel, Natura Study Trail

Length: 1000 m

How to approach: Follow the narrow tarmac road from km 63 of Route 54 until the former peat mine, which now functions as a Fish Restaurant. GPS: N46°30’15.425” E19°11”36.182” (Address: Öregpolgárdi Street 348, Kecel 6237)

Language: HU

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

Recommended period: throughout the year

Number of information stops: 5

Visitors can learn about aquatic and lakeshore ecosystems and the history of peat mining in Hungary during a leisurely walk in the nicely landscaped environment of the fishpond, which used to be a peat pit and is now owned by the Natúra Tőzegbánya Ltd.

The trail goes around the fishpond and the five stops playfully give an insight into a small section of the wildlife of the swamp through the eyes of otters. The trail is primarily recommended for families on holiday, and, besides the otterwatch, it is also possible to do some angling.