Study trails

Lakitelek, Cuckoo-pint Study Trail

Length: 3500 m

How to approach: The trail starts near the parking lot of the public beach, at the bridge of Tőserdő Backwater (also known as Szikra). The Tőserdő Backwater of Tisza can easily be reached from Kecskemét and Kiskunfélegyháza by car or train. You can park your car in the parking lot of the holiday area. GPS: N46°51’26.198” E19°59’15.502”

Language: Hungarian

Accessible on foot and by bicycle throughout the year and by wheelchair in dry weather

Recommended period: throughout the year

Number of information stops: 8

Only very few floodplain areas experiencing frequent inundation and having lush vegetation have remained in the region. One of these last wildernesses can be found in the smallest core area of the National Park, called Szikra and the Alpár Meadow. The area resembles the conditions preceding the river regulations of the 19th century. This diverse ecosystem includes the Szikra and Alpár Backwaters of the Tisza and the gallery and swamp forests, floodplain swamps and wet meadows fringing the backwaters. The area is a popular holiday destination because of the public beach of the backwater near Lakitelek, the spa, the high-stand by the backwater, the boat rental facility and the excellent spots for angling.