Nature reserves

Monument of the Seven Chieftains in Pusztaszer

Area: 4 ha

Legal declaration by Decree No. 6/1990. KVM

Biogeographic region: Sand Ridge

It is rare among national protected areas to be a historical monument at the same time. The Monument also calls the attention to the historical relationship between Kecskemét and Pusztaszer, as the pastures of Pusztaszer, including the Büdös-szék, were owned by the town of Kecskemét until 1934.

The idea of the construction of the Monument dates back to 1861, because Kovácsné Hill was renamed to Árpád Hill that year, as it was the “chieftain” of the seven hills of the Szeri Plain according to local legends. The Millennium Monument, which was designed by an art teacher from Kecskemét, called Imre Pataki, commemorates the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin, which took place one thousand years earlier. The Monument was constructed from donations and was opened for the public on 24th June, 1990. The legend on the marble plate of its basement writes “Raised by the Hungarian National Student Association from public donations of the town of Kecskemét to commemorate the 1000 years old history of Hungary”.

The Monument can be reached from Puszteszer with a light walk.