Nature reserves

Habitat of the Grecian Foxglove near Bácsalmás

Area: 4 ha

Legal declaration by Decree No. 14/1992. KTM

Biogeographic area: Upper Backa

The landscape in which the reserve is embedded contains very few natural habitats, since the Loess Plain of Backa has almost completely been transformed into croplands. This small reserve and its immediate surroundings thus represent a refreshing green in the agricultural desert. When approached from Bácsalmás, visitors first come across the basin of Lake Sós. The 4000 individual strong population of Grecian Foxglove is behind the lake in the edges and glades of a middle-aged oak plantation. This East-Balkanic species has a rather restricted range, of which the Hungarian population represent the north-western edge. It mostly occurs in secondary shrubland, dry grassland, pastures and forest glades. It blooms between June and August; the flowers are located on the top of the stem; they are white or yellowish white with brown or purple venation.

Photo: Zsolt Kalotás