Study trails

Izsák, Aqua Colun Study Trail

Length: 3480 m

How to approach: Lake Kolon is located 27 km SW of Kecskemét and can be approached from several directions. The easiest one is via Route 52 at the turn towards Izsák. The trail starts at the sports field and goes on along a reedy area until reaching a high-stand. GPS: N46°48’34.918” E19°02’18.572”

Number of information stops: 5

Languages: HU, EN

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

Recommended period: throughout the year

Located near Izsák, Lake Kolon offers a good experience for visitors interested in birds. The area can be explored along the 12 km long, yellow stripe hiking trail connecting Izsák and Soltszentimre and along the associated study trials. Lake Kolon is one of the most important wetlands of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve; it is home to reedy swamps, willow fens and tussock sedge swamps, and offers ideal breeding conditions for various heron species.


Aqua Colun Study Trail provides information about the present conditions and the rich flora and fauna of Lake Kolon. The study trail can be reached from the yellow stripe hiking trail.