Nature reserves

Szalag Forest of Kunpeszér

Area: 156 ha

Legal declaration by Decree No. 24/1998. KTM

Biogeographic region: Sand Ridge

This reserve is far from paved roads and settlements. Its name comes from the steppic oak forests covering some longitudinal ridges of sand dunes surrounded by rich fens and fen meadows. The main conservation value of the area is associated with the grasslands. Most vegetation types of the sandy areas and wetlands of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve can be found here. A low-lying grassland patch surrounded by the forest hosts the most important botanical value of the area, the plantain Plantago maxima. This species used to occur in several fenlands of the region but presently this is the only remaining population in the country. Forest edges and higher elevations are covered by Chrysopogon gryllus dominated sandy meadow-steppes. Low-lying parts are getting drier and drier; therefore original fen species are being taken over by steppe species. The biodiverse grasslands of the Szalag Forest are rich in orchid species but other colourful species also occur. For instance, Large Pink blooms in mid-summer, and it is followed by the blue flowers of Marsh Gentian. The area is freely accessible but since it is right next to the shooting ground of Tatárszentgyörgy, the armed forces can forbid entrance during shooting practice.