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Shepherd Museum, Bugac

The museum was built in 1975 from the plans of József Kerényi and resembles traditional dry mills of the lowlands. This solitary building of the puszta can be considered a significant architectural value, and has become an emblematic building of the landscape, also providing insight into the artistic architecture of the 1970s.

The main thematic unit of the museum provides information about the old pastoral culture, with artefacts illustrating a traditional cottage with reedy roof, a fodder-carrying wheelbarrow, a guarding tree, puppet shepherds, a cart partly woven from sticks, racka sheep, shepherd dogs and various tools. Exhibited items belong to the collection of the Kiskun Museum of Kiskunfélegyháza.

A diorama is dedicated to providing information about the history and tools of extensive animal husbandry, the everyday life of shepherds, the art of shepherds and the wildlife of the Bugac puszta and the surrounding forests on sand.

Magnified old photographs can help gain insight into the life of people who once lived in the puszta.

Looking out from the museum, the vast Bugac puszta can be seen, with Grey Cattles and the Bugac Stud in the distance, providing authentic background to the exhibition.

As a remainder of the former steppic oak woodland, a few 150 years old Pedunculate Oak trees can be found next to the Shepherd Museum. Visitors can find here an artefact of a wood sculptor, Ferenc Polyák and a wooden column erected by the media guru Josef von Ferenczy, commemorating the history of the Ferenczy family. A few meters from the building, a small monument made of meadow limestone (also known as wasp stone) can be found; it is dedicated to the founders of the national park, forest engineers Dr. Károly Tóth and László Kontra. The monument was created by the sculptor Zoltán Balanyi. 

Visiting times: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., 15th April and 31st October

How to approach: Follow the dirt road after the Karikás Restaurant for 1.5 km; GPS: N46°39’34.100” E19°36’56.572”.

Tickets: The Shepherd Museum can be entered with a walking ticket purchased at the Karikás Restaurant. Adult walking ticket: 950 Ft, students and children: 550 Ft. Other optional programmes, such as horse show and carting, are subject to other fees. The museum is operated by Bugacpuszta Ltd.

Information: +36 75 575 112,