Study trails

Páhi, Orchid Study Trail

Length: 8000 m

How to approach: The trail starts in the centre of Páhi; the first information signs are under the stork nest. GPS: N46.713955, E19.381843

Language: Hungarian

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

Recommended period: May-June and September-October

Recommended gear: watertight footwear

The trail guides visitors for eight kilometres in the Páhi meadows and at the edge of the Közös Forest. The main topic of the trail is the orchids of Lake Kolon but several other interesting pieces of information are also shared about the characteristic habitats of the area and their management. For those fond of orchids, we recommend the period between May and June since this is their main blooming period. It is, however, worth visiting the area in other seasons as well because, for instance the grasslands are covered in the magnificent pink flowers of Autumn Crocus in autumn.