Study trails

Ásotthalom, Magic Meadow Study Trail

Length: 4 km

The trail has 10 stops with information signs in Hungarian, English and Serbian languages.

Recommended on foot between March and October.

How to approach: from the Királyhalmi School (GPS: N46°11’42.390”; E19°50’35.570”)

Recommended gear: watertight footwear, a pair of binoculars and insect repellent

Language: HU, EN, SRB

The Fen Meadow of Ásotthalom is the botanically most fascinating protected area of the southern part of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. It was declared protected in 1990 and has been part of the Körös-ér Landscape Protection Area since 2013. One of its outstanding natural values is the Early Spring Saffron (blooms between mid-February and early April) and a tens of thousands strong population of Marsh Gladiolus, which blooms in June and July. A total of 251 plant species has been recorded in the Magic Meadow; 19 of them are under legal protection and 3 are strictly protected. The name of the meadow comes from its diversity and uniqueness.

The trail provides information about the most characteristic habitat types of the meadow, namely Purple Moorgrass swards, sand steppes, reed beds, abandoned croplands, former farmlands and presently functional drainage ditches.