Study trails

Ágasegyháza, Grey Willow Study Trail

Length: 2300 m

How to approach: The trailhead can be reached by following the Kossuth Lajos Street from the centre of Ágasegyháza. The tarmac road continues in a dirt road after a while. The route follows the red stripe hiking trail, which also goes through Ágasegyháza. The study trail starts at the last building of Ágasegyháza-Sándortelep.

Information stops: 6, both in Hungarian and English languages

Follow the white arrow sign along the trail.

Accessible on foot and by bicycle, throughout the year

Recommended gear: comfortable shoes and a pair of binoculars

Language: HU, EN

GPS: N46°48’41.239” E19°28’39.134”

The Orgovány Meadows core area of the National Park is the southern continuation of the Fülöpháza Sand Dunes. The study trail provides information about the geological development, geomorphology and wildlife of the Orgovány Meadows as well as the characteristic farmland life of the area.