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Dunapataj, Blue-green Alga Study Trail

Lake Szelidi has been a nature reserve since 1976; it is located a few kilometres next to Dunapataj, in the Kalolcsa Plains area of the Danube-Valley.

Lake Szelidi is a natural oxbow that evolved from a side branch of Danube River after the Ice Age. This is the only deep soda lake of the country. Its water contains sodium, potassium and magnesium salts. The lake is suitable for bathing and thus has been a popular swimming and holiday destination for long. There is a 800 m long beach on the southern shore.

The trailhead is located in the holiday village, at the Szittyó Square.

Length: 2400 m

Languages: HU, EN

The trail is marked with white arrows.

Accessible on foot and by bicycle, throughout the year.

Recommended gear: clothing according to weather conditions and a pair of binoculars

GPS: N46°37’36.751” E19°02”38.841”

Main natural values around Lake Szelidi include saline grasslands, fen meadows and swamp meadows. Despite being an oxbow of the old Danube, the water of the lake is more similar to that of soda lakes.

The trail has 12 information stops describing the evolution of the lake, the characteristic features of its water, the organisms living in it and the wildlife of the surrounding areas.