Study trails

Kiskunhalas, Fejeték Study Trail

Length: 4000 m

How to approach: The trailhead is approx. 70 m south of the Tóth Fishpond, in the southern end of the swamp. If coming from the town centre or Lake Sós, you can park at the former Somogyi Wedding House. Keep on towards the Tóth Fishpond on foot and after 250 m you will reach the trail.

Accessible on foot throughout the year.

Recommended period: throughout the year.

Number of information stops: 5

Language: HU

The Fejeték Swamp is a remainder of the formerly extensive peaty swamps and wet meadows of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. The main feature of the area is that dead plant material cannot break down due to the constantly water-logged, oxygen-poor conditions. This plant material gradually accumulates and turns into peat.

The peaty soil is reflected in the vegetation; the deepest points are mostly covered by species-poor thickets of Grey Willow and reed, but these are fringed by the most valuable vegetation types of the area, namely tussock sedge swamps and tall sedge meadows.

The most valuable vegetation type of the area, the tussock sedge swamp, used to cover large areas in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. Some parts of the trail have boardwalks; please stay on them while walking through.