Study trails

Mórahalom, Bittern Study Trail

Length: 3000 m

How to approach: The trail is east of Mórahalom, on the shore of Lake Nagyszéksós. The trailhead is at the Nagyszéksós Chalet, near the road heading for Röszke. You can also park your car here. GPS: N46°12’44.297” E19°57’0.329”

Languages: HU, EN, SRB

Accessible on foot, throughout the year; one of the high-stands is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Recommended period: between March and October

Recommended gear: watertight footwear, a pair of binoculars and, in summer, insect repellent

Number of information stops: 6

Lake Nagyszéksós of Mórahalom is a valuable representative of the saline habitats of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. These lakes collect the water of surrounding wet depressions and serve as habitats and feeding areas for breeding and migrating birds. The study trail provides information about the reed and bulrush covered lakeshore vegetation, the sedge meadows and the diverse habitats of Lake Nagyszéksós and its surroundings.