Study trails

Mórahalom, Csipak Study Trail

Length: 3000 m

How to approach: Leave the centre of Mórahalom via the Kissori Road and turn left after 2 km. The trailhead is marked with an information sign near the road. GPS: N46°11’15.732” E19°53’33.961”

Language: Hungarian, English and Serbian

Accessible on foot, throughout the year

Recommended period: between March and October

Recommended gear: watertight footwear, a pair of binoculars and, in summer, insect repellent

Number of information stops: 9

Saline wetlands in the depressions of the southern part of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve used to form a continuous chain before the early 20th century. Water regulations, however, transformed the landscape, and only a few wetland fragments survived. These sites still harbour the plant associations and plant species that used to be widespread but have become rare by now. The Csipak Swamp is one of these isolated fragments; it is home to several rare plant species, including Marsh Gentian, Orchis palustris, Siberian Iris and the strictly protected Spider Orchid. The area is an important feeding ground for birds nesting nearby.