Study trails

Fülöpszállás, Avocet Study Trail

Length: 1300 m

How to approach: The trail starts on the dirt road opposite the Kígyós Restaurant, located at km 42 or Route 52. You can park your car at the Kígyós Restaurant or at the trailhead, near the animal farm. GPS: N46°48’22.741” E19°09’50.593”

Number of information stops: 6

Languages: HU, EN (English translations can be accessed with smart phone by taking photos of the QR codes)

Accessible on foot, throughout the year.

Recommended period: spring and autumn; in summer, the early morning and late afternoon hours are recommended because of the high temperature.

Recommended gear: a pair of binoculars is highly recommended and do not set off without water in summer.

The Upper Kiskunság Lakes can be found in the Solt Plains, between Szabadszállás and Akasztó (3905 ha). The largest, formerly continuous soda lake system of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve was located here. Several of the lakes, such as the Fehér-szék, have become swampy, but the Zab-szék near Szabadszállás and the Kelemen-szék near Fülöpszállás have remained in their original state. The Avocet Study Trail ends in a bird hide, from where birds can be seen in every season while feeding on the grasslands and in the water of the shallow lakes. This small hide can be used by everyone for birdwatching and bird photography. Habitats along the shore of Lake Kelemen are managed by the water buffalos of the National Park by grazing and trampling. These animals have a crucial role in managing grasslands, maintaining swampy-saline habitats and preserving biodiversity. The trail is bordered by electric fences on both sides till the bird hide because of the buffalos. This may seem strange for visitors but, among freely roaming water buffalos, safety is of paramount importance.